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What Goes Around Comes Around – Dr. John


The second track on “Remedies”, done in traditional New Orlans style, certainly is a remedy to bad mood. Unless you’re trying to transcribe the lyrics. ;) Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but I still didn’t manage to get them all right…

Dm        A#  A           Dm


    Remember way back when
    When you had a yen
    To mess over
    Your old friend

    You know you dragged me to my heart
    With your smile and grin
    You'll never get a chance like that
    To pull that stuff again

F             A#     F        A#
  What  goes around    comes around
F             A#     F        A#
  What  goes around    comes around
        A                                  Dm
And the way it goes up and the way it goes dooooooown

Now I done got over
It won't bother me no more
The way that I met you
I get a million more
I'm so glad
The way I feel
You come by on a short end
Of a dirty deal
(I tell you what)

What goes a   round comes a   round

You keep an eye
Well over your shoulder
Life is not getting any younger
It's getting older and older
You keep tryin'
To feel a little bolder
Life might treat you
A little colder and colder
(I tell you what)

What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
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  1. 07/27/2011 05:52

    Nice to see this, and to find out what Dr. John album to look for. He has another song by the same title, but it is completely different.

    The first verse is: “Remember way back when, you had a yen, to try and mess over your old friend; you know you dragged me to your heart with your smile and grin, you’ll never get a chance like that, pull that old stuff again.”

    I always thought the first line of the third verse was “You keepin’ an eye, ear, over your shoulder…”. But I am sure you are right that it should be “well” instead of “ear.” Just makes more sense.

    Not that making sense is Dr. John’s first criterion for lyric writing.


  2. 07/27/2011 05:53

    Crud…I just listened to a bit of “What Goes Around” from Remedies, and it is the wrong one. It is not this one. Where the blazes is this one? Anyone? Thanks!

    • 07/27/2011 21:40

      I’m pretty sure it’s from Remedies. Where did you get that bit from? If Amazon, then you probably heard the wrong one, as they do not realise there in Amazon one artist can record the same song twice, yet differently.

      And thank you kindly, Mark, for the lyrics to this song. You rock! :)

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