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Boots and Sand – Yusuf


Good ol’ Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf [Islam] produced this superb song, which for reasons unknown did not make it to the album. Anyway, here are the chords.

A D A  E
A D Bm E

A     D          A         F#m
I was traveling, boots and sand
A    D         Bm      E
High bound for miracle land
A     D          A      F#m
Met a man called Buckingham
A      D              Bm       E
Said, "Joe, won't you join our band?"

F#m                   F#m7+
Nickle jangled in the jukebox
F#m7              B     E
Bird of Nashville sang (woo)

A     D            A          F#m
So we carried on a long, long road
A    D            Bm         E
To a place, where we've been told
A        D       A       F#m
All your records turn to gold
A     D       Bm       E
Birth land of rock 'n' roll

F#m               F#m7+
As we reached the border,
F#m7            B                             E
seven sheriffs arrived (seven sheriffs turned up)
E         B aug  E                E aug
Me and my girl     are standing outside

(oh, who are you?)

A  D         A          E
Is your name this?  - I guess it is
A             C#7     F#m
You're on our no-song list!
B           E   B             E aug
Oh no, sir, no, this can't be so

(Please let us go)

A       D              A        F#m
So they strung us to a friendly bird
A       D           Bm    D
Flew us back to the lower world
A     D           A       F#m
As we reached the morning light
A    D    Bm  E
Fame came overnight

F#m                     F#m7+
It's a strange, strange thing
F#m7               B                       E
Whatever songs you had (whatever songs you write)
E           B aug
Some called good
E           E aug
some called bad

(- What kind of song is this?
 - I think it's a good one)

A       D           A         F#m
Now I'm back on the long long road
A   D          Bm     E
One bag, and a song I wrote
  A      D      A     F#m
A little prayer in my hand
A    D   Bm        E
Just me, boots and sand

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
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