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Fisherman – Badfinger


Badfinger wasn’t a great band, but the music to the Magic Christian was alright. And apart from Carry On Till Tomorrow this is the best song from that album.

		    G                              D
Between the darkness and the light as the stars fade out of sight
      F                                G
I can hear his shiny boots fall on the sand
       G                          D
With a basket at his side and the morning full of pride
        F                                   G
You can see him cast his line with skillful hands

G        F         C                    G
Hey hey, fisherman wish you luck that's all I can
G        F            C                G
Hey hey, fisherman forget the world if that's your plan

As the morning turns to noon he's content to sit and croon
And he lights his twisted pipe and settles down
Onward goes the time - as he tries new baited line
So he digs another worm up from the ground
Hey hey, fisherman - wish you luck that's all I can
Hey hey, fisherman - forget the world if that's your plan

T'ween the nightness and the light - the line is taut, he has a bite
And he hauls the beauty in with skillful pride
And his patient mind is blown'cause the fish is overgrown
It was really worth a day for such a prize
Hey hey, fisherman

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
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  1. Bre permalink
    03/25/2011 18:16

    Great site. I just wanted to let you and your readers know of the official website of the group Badfinger that we just put up by working closely with Joey Molland. You can ask him questions personally, learn about upcoming tour dates, or just read the news about the group and their journey. Enjoy

    #1 Badfinger Fab

  2. Carlie permalink
    12/19/2017 16:32

    Can’t walk away without officially disagreeing with you – Badfinger was a great band. Magic Christian was far from their best album, although it does have a certain charm for sure.

    • 01/10/2018 16:27

      Well, I can only apologize. I wrote that introduction over 7 years ago, and I’ve come to appreciate the band since. I wouldn’t put them on a par with the Beatles, of course, but they still have a lot of great songs. Still, I think Magic Christian was their best effort. ;)

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