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Margarita – Traveling Wilburys


I wonder if this song makes any sense at all. Yeah, this “Tala mala sheela” part is pretty clear, but the rest is… just… I don’t know…

Mar-ga-ri-ta, ah
Mar-ga-ri-ta, ah

Cm                   Fm       Cm
It was in Pittsburgh late one night
  Cm               Gm     Cm
I lost my hat, got into a fight
  Cm                        Fm      Cm
I rolled and tumbled till I saw the light
Cm                     Gm     Cm
Went to the big apple, took a bite


Still the sun went down your way
Down from the blue into the gray
Where I stood I saw you walk away
You danced away
  C                          F    C
I asked her what we're gonna do tonight
                               G        C
She said "Cahuenga Langa-Langa-Shoe Box Soup"
   C                          F      C
We better keep tryin' till we get it right
C                G      C
Tala mala sheela jaipur dhoop

    C            F      C    G    C
She wrote a long letter
   C              F     C    G    C
On short piece of paper

Oh margarita don't stay away too long
Come on home
Oh margarita don't say you will when you won't

Transcribed by Dawidsu & Janand (Dave & John)
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