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Free the People – Delaney and Bonnie


I’ll always love the voice of Bonnie. It’s so good that when she was young she was a backup singer for Albert King and Little Milton just to name a few. She also was the first white Ikette (well, almost white – she wore a black wig and used a skin darkener). Anyway, this song was also done by Melanie and at the end I post the chords to her version.


  D                 F
    Free the people   from the fire
  C                          A
    Pull the boat out of the   raging sea
  D                F#7      Bm
    Tell the Devil   he's a liar
  G                   A        D
    Come and save the likes of me

D                      E7
  Some men walk on the water
G                 D
Everybody looking on
D                 E7
  I didn't know I was his daughter
G                   D        A
Til both of us have come and gone


If you see me in some dark alley
Looking like I don't belong
Lord, you can put me in the green valley
I'll be singing the same old song

Chords to Melanie's version:
   C   Eb    Bb   G
   C   E Am  F  G C

C   D7   F   C
C   D7   F   G

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
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