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F*ck Christmas – Eric Idle


Hey, it’s Christmastime! Thus, a Christmas song is on my blog. It’s not exactly in the right mood… Well, it’s about Christmas anyway, so enjoy this pythonised Carol (not Carol Cleveland, at least this time). Ho ho fucking ho!

Intro: (lovingly ripped off from Jingle Balls, I mean Bells)
D#           G7

     C           Am
Fuck Christmas!
       Dm               G
It's a waste of fucking time
C            Am
Fuck Santa
          Dm              G
He's just out to get your dime
     F              C
Fuck Holly and Fuck Ivy
         Dm       G     C
And fuck all that mistletoe
      D       E       Am
White-bearded big fat bastards
        F                    G
Ringing bells where e'er you go
    Am             Am/g
And bloated men in shopping malls
    Am/f#       F
All going Ho-Ho-Ho
     C                 G     C
It's Christmas fucking time again!

C    Fmaj7    G

     C          Am
Fuck Christmas
       Dm              G
It's a fucking Disney show
     C         Am
Fuck reindeer
    Dm                G
And all that fucking snow
     F               C
Fuck carols and fuck Rudolph
        Dm     G       C
And his stupid fucking nose
    D       E            Am
And fucking sleigh bells tinkling
     F                 G
Everywhere you fucking goes
     Am                 Am/g
Fuck stockings and fuck shopping
        Am/f#           F
It just drives us all insane
Go tell the elves
To fuck themselves
     Dm        G     C
It's Christmas time again!

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
4 Comments leave one →
  1. Holy Ivy permalink
    08/28/2012 12:59

    What a great Christmas song, need to learn it, now!

  2. Petrus permalink
    12/09/2012 10:33

    Over “White-bearded” It’s not “D-E-Am”, it is “Bm-E-Am”. The same at the other parts with “D-E-Am”

  3. Anonymous permalink
    09/26/2015 12:40

    Agree with Petrus, but thanks for doing that Dawidsu!

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