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Golden Bird – Levon Helm


One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Penned by Happy Traum and beautifully covered by Levon Helm on his last studio album Electric Dirt.

C        Am        F6          C
Walking along on a path in the mountains
C       Am          C      G
I saw a bird flying way up high
C              Am            F           C
Gold were it's wings in that time of the morning
Bb          C          Bb   F           C
Flashing at me as they flew through the sky

Its beauty was such that I felt I must have it
Chased it all day, nearly entered the night
Finally angered that I couldn't catch it,
Determined I would stop it in flight

I found a stone by a mountain stream flowing
rounded and smooth by the waters fast flow
It felt so warm and alive in my hand
It was an arrow, my arm was the bow.

Then a flashing of wings and a cry pierced the air
It fluttered and it fell on the rocks at my feet
Weeping It left it, the thing that had fallen
Blood stained my hands and tears wet my cheeks

Later that night as I lay in my bed
I heard the sound of wings in the air
The room became bathed in a warm golden glow
I opened my eyes and a woman stood there

Didn't you know when you hurt me so cruelly
I was your love, I was your friend
You couldn't stand it that I was so free
Now you will never see me again

Transcribed by Dawidsu (Dave)
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  1. Adam permalink
    04/30/2012 01:20

    Thanks very much for tabbing this. In the last few days I find all these (Levon Helm) tunes are really opening up to me. Its a pleasure to be able to play them – thanks again.

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