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Or So It Seems – Jackie Lomax


I can’t believe that no song penned by Jackie Lomax has been posted here yet. Sadly, Jackie died a few days ago, so this post is a homage to him. He wrote many great songs, but people tend to forget about it (or so it seems).

E            A
E            A7

Em        A
Fly high above the clouds
       Em         A
On the wings of a dream
G           A
I hear your whisper loud
Or so it seems

Em          A
Down in the shadow land
          Em        A
Where the sun never beams
G            A
I touch your slender hand
Or so it seems

   A                                   E7
It seems as though the world is such a place
      A                        E7
Where we will have to treasure every trace of grace we find
  A                         E7
Behind the walls, below the ceiling
         B                              B7
And it's all inclined to give me such a bad, bad feeling


Em              A
Run through the meadow land
            Em           A
Through the fast-flowing streams
G          A
I feel you near at hand
Or so it seems

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