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A-Z List

79th And Sunset [Humble Pie]
Badi-Da [Fred Neil]
Black John the Conqueror [Dr. John]
Bleak City Woman [Donovan]
Bogey Man [John Entwistle]
Boots and Sand [Yusuf]
Cinnamon Girl [John Entwistle]
Clara Clairvoyant [Donovan]
Congratulations [Traveling Wilburys]
Cool Dry Place [Traveling Wilburys]
Della [Dr. John]
Devil Woman [Ringo Starr]
Dirty World [Traveling Wilburys]
Do Me Good [Keith Moon]
Elizabeth Reigns [Ringo Starr]
Fisherman [Badfinger]
For All That I Am [The Creation]
Ford Mustang [Serge Gainsbourg]
Free the People [Delaney and Bonnie]
F*ck Christmas [Eric Idle]
Gallows Tree (Gallows Pole) [Odetta]
Golden Bird [Levon Helm]
Hard, Hard Year [The Hollies]
Harry Braff [The Bee Gees]
Have You Seen My Baby? [Randy Newman]
Hoodoo Bash [Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones]
Hottest Gong In Town [George Harrison]
I Wonder [John Entwistle]
Just Another Rider [Gregg Allman]
Like A Ship [Traveling Wilburys]
Losers’ Lounge [Ringo Starr]
Lousian-I-A [Dr. Michael White]
The Love Song [Donovan]
Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me [Eric Clapton]
Mama Roux [Dr. John]
The Man Who Loves Women [Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers]
Margarita [Traveling Wilburys]
Maria Magenta [Donovan]
Maya Love [George Harrison]
Miss O’Dell [George Harrison]
Mr. President [Randy Newman]
Neville Thumbcatch [The Attack]
Only You Can See [Humble Pie]
Or So It Seems [Jackie Lomax]
Ox-Driver Song [Odetta]
Poor House (riffs) [Traveling Wilburys]
Roots of Oak [Donovan]
Sandpaper Cadillac [Joe Cocker]
Santy Anno [Odetta]
Seven Deadly Sins [Traveling Wilburys]
She’s My Baby [Traveling Wilburys]
Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear [Randy Newman]
Sour Milk Sea [George Harrison]
Speak to Me [Jackie Lomax]
Stack-A-Lee [Dr. John]
Such a Nigh [Dr. John]
Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle [Screamin’ Jay Hawkins]
Tell Me What Has Happened To You [George Harrison]
Ten Little Friends [John Entwistle]
Think About You [Ringo Starr]
Timber [Odetta]
Tired Of Midnight Blue [George Harrison]
The Trip [Donovan]
Turning Around [Jackie Lomax]
What Goes Around Comes Around [Dr. John]
When Every Song Is Sung (I’ll Still Love You) [George Harrison]
When I Go Away [Levon Helm]
Where Were You Last Night? [Traveling Wilburys]
Where You At Mule? [Dr. John]
Wilbury Twist (riff) [Traveling Wilburys]

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Anonymous permalink
    09/09/2011 00:31

    A great place to come for tabs. Many thanks!

    If you could tab George’s “Going Down to Golders Green” you would be my hero!

    Best regards.


    • 09/30/2011 19:35

      I don’t know if there’s any need to tab it, it’s very simple.
      For the verses use E7, and for the chorus this:
      Goin’ down to Golders Green, goin’ down to Golders Green
      Goin’ down to Golders Green in my limousine

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