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The site was created by Dave (that’s me). My nickname is Dawidsu (which may sound a bit exotic – read it as Duh-VIDD-soo). I’m from Poland and I love American and English music (mostly old stuff). I play a little guitar, so I decided to make a website with chords to George Harrison’s songs, which couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Quickly, though, the project grew and wound up with more chords than I initially intended. Most songs were tabbed by me, sometimes my dad or somebody else helped.

And, last but not least, the chords and tabs are my interpretation of the songs, I do not steal or own music.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    10/30/2011 07:26

    Thanks for the Mama Roux chords!! On of my favorite songs and artists of all time. Do my own rendition of it with a lovely back up singer.

  2. sarah permalink
    02/20/2012 02:55

    thanks for the odetta lyrics- very nice!

  3. Anna permalink
    03/31/2015 17:53

    Szukałam tak długo Tell me what has happened to you George’a! Dzięki :D

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