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Dr. John

Unfortunatelly, I can’t make heads or tails of what Dr. John grumbles, so in most of the songs there are missing lyrics (or no at all). Should you have them, send them to me. Any help will be much appreciated.

Black John the Conqueror
Mama Roux
Such a Night
What Goes Around Comes Around
Where You at Mule?

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  1. themonk permalink
    10/29/2010 13:25

    that will be eassier if u google them on lyric pages. :)
    man, u r in deep waters with dr. john.

    • 10/29/2010 13:37

      I wish it was that easy. Very few of them can be found on the Internet. I read some of the earlier releases (maybe vinyl, I’m not sure) have lyrics printed on sleeves. Unfortunatelly I have the recent Rhino releases with no lyrics…

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