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Humble Pie
     79th and Sunset
     Only You Can See
Joe Cocker
     Sandpaper Cadillac
The Creation
     For All That I Am
The Hollies
     Hard, Hard Year
     Boots and Sand
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
     The Man Who Loves Women
Keith Moon
     Do Me Good
Serge Gainsbourg
     Ford Mustang
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
     Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle
Delaney and Bonnie
     Free the People
Eric Clapton
     Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me
Levon Helm
     Golden Bird
     When I Go Away
Fred Neil
The Bee Gees
     Harry Braff
The Attack
     Neville Thumbcatch
Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones
     Hoodoo Bash
Dr. Michael White
Gregg Allman
     Just Another Rider
Eric Idle
     F*ck Christmas

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  1. Buzz Harris permalink
    11/12/2015 18:42

    Thanks—Badi Da—- takes me way back– talk about the blues in the night,,, had ’em many times back then—came with the times,, and

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